🎮 Matchmaking

To start a game in ranked mode, two players are required. The matchmaking system will search for two players with similar skill levels. Mercenary Battleground creates matches based on fairness, differences in player skills, queue time, and the number of available players. The longer it takes for the system to find the required number of players, the higher the skill level difference between the players will be. The game uses a win/loss rating system rather than a performance-based system (such as income, MVP, etc.). This is done to reward players who play for victory rather than artificially inflate their stats in ways that could potentially harm the game. Rating changes for wins and losses take this into account. If you play against stronger opponents, you will gain more rating for a victory and lose less rating in case of defeat.

After the game is completed, the matchmaking system will award or deduct rating points based on the expected skill gap between the two players (by taking the average rating points for each player).

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