đŸ”ĩ Aterbum (coming soon)

(Planet Aterbum, where life is lived in the shadows of giant crystals and the atmosphere is filled with various sound resonances)

- Main resource: Aterbium.

Aterbum's surface is completely covered in crystals, and its core is still unexplored, as it cannot be drilled or analyzed by high-frequency analysis, making it one of the most mysterious planets in the Outcast Galaxy. But do not think that it is lifeless, on the contrary - on the planet there are many creatures also composed of crystals and have unique abilities, most of this species are harmless and passively lead their way of life, but woe to the one who disturbs them, in an instant they turn from neutral creatures into a formidable weapon and destroy all their offenders using all their fantastic abilities.

Noteworthy fact: Aterbum is located between two stars and has no rotation around its axis, so one part of the planet falls under the radiation of one star, and the other - the other. The crystals on the planet resonate differently to the waves of the two stars, which makes them completely different from each other, some become light and others dark, it is still unknown what effects can be if you combine two types of crystals, dark and light, no one has ever survived such an experiment.

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