☠️ Undead (coming soon)

The Undead, a sinister and cursed race, consists of creatures born from the darkness of necromancy and dark magic. This chilling race includes Liches, Zombies, and Gargoyles. They are shrouded in darkness and thrive on the fear they instill in the hearts of the living.


  1. Undying Resilience: The Undead are immune to death, for they have already crossed the threshold of life and death. They can endure incredible amounts of damage, making them relentless adversaries.

  2. Dark Magic Mastery: Necromancy and dark magic are their forte. Liches possess immense magical power, while Zombies are reanimated corpses, and Gargoyles are enchanted stone beings.

  3. Fear and Terror: The mere presence of Undead creatures strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies. They can sow terror on the battlefield, causing foes to flee in panic.

  4. Unholy Minions: The Undead can summon hordes of undead minions, such as skeletal warriors, zombies, and specters, to fight for them.

  5. Eternal Curse: An everlasting curse binds the Undead, driving them to seek dominance over the living. They often serve dark necromancers and malevolent overlords.

The Undead are a formidable and menacing race, wielding dark magic and summoning legions of undead beings to spread fear and darkness. They can serve as formidable foes or be commanded by players seeking to harness their sinister powers in your game.

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