🌑 Arixo (coming soon)

(Planet Arixo, where night lasts forever and day turns into a fiery nightmare)

- Main resource: Arixorium.

The surface of Arixo is covered with "dark rocks" and deep craters that resemble huge craters. In fact, the "dark stones" are not stones per se, they are unique creatures that reside only on Arixo. At night, these creatures are inactive and turn into stone, but during the day they wake up and start destroying everything they touch with their stone limbs.

A remarkable fact: the night on this planet lasts incredibly long, and the sky here is constantly covered with stars. When daytime comes, the daylight turns the surface of the planet into a fiery nightmare, the temperature rises to unimaginable heights, the natural inhabitants of this planet wake up and begin to revel in the ongoing chaos.

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