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The Mechanoids are a highly organized and high-tech race, consisting of autonomous robots and mechanical beings. They were created long ago to serve various purposes, from construction and maintenance to exploration and defense. Mechanoids possess exceptional engineering and technical ingenuity, enabling them to build astonishing machinery and fight with skill.


  1. Mechanical Strength: Mechanoids possess tremendous physical power and endurance due to their metallic nature. They can lift heavy loads and engage in combat with adversaries on the front lines.

  2. Technological Progress: This race is in a constant state of development, continually advancing their technologies. They have access to advanced robotics, laser weaponry, powerful combat armored mechs, and other technical achievements.

  3. Programmed Logic: Mechanoids operate on software, making them extremely precise and efficient in carrying out tasks. They can quickly adapt to changing conditions and gather information.

  4. Social Organization: Mechanoids live in organized communities where each robot fulfills its specialized role. They are subject to centralized authority and are capable of coordinating actions in military operations.

  5. Robotic Army: Mechanoids can create powerful armies of robots and mechs for defending their territories. They excel in both technical and military expansion.

Mechanoids are a strong and high-tech race, capable of creatively employing their technical skills in both peaceful and wartime situations. In your game, they can be formidable foes or allies, proficient in constructing impressive defensive structures and military mechs.


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