đŸŸĸ Equory

(Planet Equory, where plants have joined together to create incredible wonders)

- Main resource: Equorium.

The surface of Equory resembles a garden full of blooming fantasy plants and trees. There are also tall towers and "buildings" made of plants that are inherently alive and intelligent, glowing with bright lights and colored in different colors. Often their appearance is deceptive, some of these creatures are quite cunning and aggressive, they lure their victims with their beauty and then mercilessly devour them. There are many gravitational anomalies on Equori, which allow towers and islets with plants to float in the air forming "air castles" and incredible architecture.

A notable fact: there is absolutely no water on this planet, and the sap and vapors released by the plants are toxic and deadly to almost any race living off the planet.

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