đŸĻ  Biological (coming soon)

The Biological Mutants, an enigmatic and unpredictable race, consist of mutated beings, including Frogs and Pterodactyls. They are the result of bizarre experiments and uncontrollable mutations, making them an intriguing and elusive presence in the game world.


  1. Genetic Variability: Biological Mutants exhibit extreme diversity in their physical attributes and abilities, each mutant being unique due to their unpredictable mutations.

  2. Unconventional Abilities: These mutants often possess extraordinary, unconventional abilities that are the result of their genetic mutations. Frogs may have powerful adhesive tongues, while Pterodactyls may wield formidable flight capabilities.

  3. Genetic Instability: Their unstable genetic makeup can lead to unpredictable behavior and wild mutations that can manifest at any time.

  4. Environmental Adaptation: Biological Mutants can adapt to different environments, making them versatile and resilient against various challenges.

  5. Inherent Mystery: The origin and purpose of these mutants remain shrouded in mystery, with their existence leaving players in constant curiosity.

Biological Mutants are an intriguing and mysterious race with unparalleled genetic diversity and unexpected abilities. Their unpredictable nature and unique qualities add an element of surprise to your game, making them both formidable adversaries and fascinating allies.

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